Make bows, shoelaces,
dresses and more


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Now featuring the best way
to attach cured Flexique to itself

Flexique Glue

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The quickest and easiest Edible Lace is now Available!

Flexique Instant Lace

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And our newest product

Flexique Modeling Chocolate

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The Mystique of Flexique: Endless Possibilities

Flexique is a revolutionary new cake decorating compound.
The sky’s the limit on the things you can do with it.

Meet the Flexique Family


  • Make flexible, durable decorations
    [ What can you make with Flexique? ]
  • Mix with other materials to increase working time and create lasting pliability. Works well with isomalt, chocolate, and gum paste.
  • Protect edible images.
  • Use as a food-safe barrier when attaching
    non-edible decorations to cakes.

Flexique Instant Lace

  • Make quick & easy edible lace,
    or hearty fabric from textured sheets.
  • Plus, use with transfer sheets or stencils.

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Flexique Glue

  • Bond pieces of cured Flexique products.
  • Attach Flexique to fondant.
  • Mix with Flexique to increase the stiffness of edible fabric.

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What can you make with flexique?

Popular Uses:

Edible decorations made with Flexique are more durable because they flex.

  • edible fabric
  • flexible wafer paper
  • ruffles
  • bows
  • shoe laces
  • flowers

Innovative Uses:

Because it's so versatile, sky's the limit on how many ways you can use Flexique.

  • feathers
  • plastic bag
  • pirate ship sails
  • fish fins
  • snake skin
  • birch bark

Better as a Bundle!

The Flexique Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 jar of Flexique
  • 1 jar of Flexique Glue
  • 5" Whisk, perfectly sized for Flexique jars
  • 1" Flat Brush
  • Small Silicone Container with handle
  • set of 2 Flexique Scrapers / icing spreaders
  • 3 small jars of Sterling Pearl Luster Dust from TheSugarArt
Bundle Pack