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Welcome to the Instructional page for Flexique!

Flexique is a brand new product, and because there's nothing else like it, we want to make sure you have some basics on how to prepare the mixture, as well as some details on how to use it along with all the other Flexique products.

To ensure you get accurate information in classes you attend we've established a Certified Instructor program where we insure the instructors are armed with complete and up to date information about our product line.

Here are the current Flexique Certified Instructors:

Marc Desgroseilliers - Canada

Michele Sweeney - Washington

Yvette Humbert - Texas

Jarid Altmark - Florida

Mari Senaga - Washington

Instructional Video Series

Part 1: Preparing and Mixing Flexique

Part 2: What You Can Make with Flexique & How to Make it

Part 3: Wafer Paper Fabric, Texture Sheets & Punchouts

Part 4: Using Flexique Instant Lace


Preparing and Mixing Flexique

This video covers the basics of how to get started. It gives a demonstration of the steps covered in the instruction sheet enclosed in the jar of Flexique.


What You Can Make with Flexique & How to Make it

Here are some other basic instructions to help you get the most out of using Flexique by itself.

Spread out on a silicone mat to the thickness of fabric you want. Before it completely dries (about 5 minutes) you can apply some luster dust to the top with a paint brush. Then peel the material from the silicone mat and luster or corn starch the back side so that it doesn’t stick. The fabric will firm up a little over time.

You can also cut it into strips for fringe (like in the ice princess dress at The Americas Cake and Sugar Craft Fair in Orlando, FL), ribbon or shoelaces within the first 30 minutes. A pizza cutter works great for this. The fabric, ribbon or shoelaces will remain flexible indefinitely.

For firmer fabric you can also coat wafer paper with Flexique. First coat one side, flip it over and coat the other side. You can also coat printed wafer paper or icing sheets to protect the colors from running. The product is absorbed by the wafer paper and icing sheet and gives it a little stretch ability.

Store any excess product in an airtight container in your refrigerator or freezer.

TIP: If you use Flexique for smaller projects like flowers, cut up the Flexique into small pieces and freeze them individually.

If left on the shelf, return it to liquid state every other day to eliminate chance of bacterial contamination. Unused mixed product has been lab tested to last in the refrigerator or freezer for up to two years. The cured product will last indefinitely.


Wafer Paper Fabric, Texture Sheets & Punchouts

Coating wafer paper with Flexique makes the paper extremely flexible and turns it into a fabric-like substance that it thicker and a bit more rigid than what you get with Flexique by itself. This video covers the process for using Flexique on wafer paper. It also demonstrates the effect of using Flexique on texture sheets and making decorative punchout shapes.


Using Flexique Instant Lace

Introducing Flexique Instant Lace, the quickest, easiest, and the only edible lace that's reusable. No mixing or baking is required. Here's a short little demo on how easy it is to use with a lace mold.

Also, be sure to check out our demo video of the exclusive LaceLink feature. Flexique Instant Lace is the only edible lace product that lets you join sections of cured lace instantly.




Basic instructions for mixing Flexique: Download Now

Flexique Glue: Download Now

Flexique Lace: Download Now

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Stovetop Instructions:
Although a microwave produces more exact results, a stove or fondue pot may also be used. We recommend using a cooking/candy thermometer. Heat product slowly on low heat and bring temperature to approximately 140 degrees F (60ºC), stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and pour into a separate container before using.

Flower Template

Cut-out templates for making 3 types of Flexique flowers.

Still need help?

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