Unique FlexiqueTM

There is nothing else like Flexique.

Create edible fabric that’s thin, but not wimpy—sturdy, and not sticky.

What is Flexique?

Flexique is a super-powered cake decorating solution.

It’s a unique combination of edible ingredients, delicately balanced together to maximize pliability and durability.

It can be used on its own to create a variety of cake decorations, or it can be applied to edible images to keep them from smudging or tearing.

It is used as a heated liquid mixture, applied by either brushing it on to a nonstick surface or edible sheet, or by pouring it into thin molds.

What can you make with it?

It can be used for so many things, perhaps a better question might be “what can’t you make with it?”.

Some common applications include:

  • edible fabric for dresses and cake accents
  • flowers that are delicate, yet durable
  • leaves for flowers and trees
  • textured sheet
  • easily tied ribbons and shoelaces
  • design cutouts