Edible Dresses at Cake Fair CakeCentral Fashion Show

Flexique stole the show at the CakeCentral Edible Fashion Show at America's Cake & Sugarcraft Fair 2015.

Just a couple of months after Flexique made its edible fashion debut in Northern Florida, the Cake Fair runway was adorned with four different dresses featuring Flexique, some of them nearly 100% edible.

Left: Ice Princess, by Marilyn Bawol. The dress included a 3'x6' cape made from one seamless piece of edible fabric, made using Flexique.

Watch the video below to see how the dress moves.

Other Flexique dresses from the show:


Left: A Flexique bodice and skirt served as the decorative canvas for this beautiful floral dress by Sydney Galpern & Teri Tarbox. The dress was also adorned with a big Flexique/chocolate bow in the back.

Middle: Joseph Cumm added Flexique to part of this chocolate dress in order to keep it flexible and pliable.

Right:  Sharon Spradley used Flexique to create edible cupcake holders and more for her 98% edible dress.


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