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Flexique's Debut Knocks Out Edible Fashion Competitors

Flexique inventor Marilyn Bawol won first place in the Battle of the Instructors, the edible fashion competition at the North Florida Cake Show this weekend. Made almost completely out of Flexique, an innovative new edible fabric compound, the award-winning dress she made is 99% edible. The dress features a snakeskin-textured top, an edible skirt with enough stretch and durability for the model to strut her stuff on the runway, and a flowing draped hem accented with nearly 300 delicate-looking flowers, each hand stitched into the dress. Marilyn even created a skin tight sleeve look by painting pre-colored Flexique directly onto the arms of her model, who also happened to be her daughter.  Above: Edible Artist Marilyn Bawol and model Juli...

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